12 thoughts on “How To Pack & Ship A Guitar Amp

  • Wrong! on several levels.  1. Protect the grill face with a sheet of cardboard taped across the front.  2.Put Amp in plastic bag, 3. then wrap amp in bubble wrap  4. then:  put that wrapped amp in a snug box,  5. then put THAT box into a larger box, 6. use bubble wrap or airfilled shipping packs between the two boxes.  7. NEVER use popcorn alone as packing for anything heavy.

  • My concern with taking the tubes out and wrapping them separately is how can I, as a seller shipping an amp, know if the buyer in knowledgeable enough to know how to properly re-install those tubes. I can see a problem with a buyer not knowing how to install tubes and breaking or damaging them. Then he gets back to me, the seller, saying I sold him an amp with broken tubes. Guitar amps are moved around all the time. The tubes should be safe in their tube sockets as long as there are retainers for them. 

  • I like to add never use UPS for shipping, trust I've had some bad experience with mostly damaged boxes but the stuff was fine.

    Highly recommend everyone to double box your amp heads or combos.

  • Use bubble wrap….lay the amp face down. Why? because some speaker magnets are heavy. If the amp is in its upright position and the package handler drops it hard, the speaker will rip out from the baffle board. Trust me ….it happened on a vintage combo I sent which had an EV12L speaker.

  • furthermore…if you remove the tubes, number them and where they came from so that the buyer can put them back in the same sockets (".)

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