2 thoughts on “Headache Starts For Cook County Retailers

  • So, let me get this right. Cook County is so worried about putting this tax in place just so they can hire back more police in the prison system so the prisoners don't fight???? Who cares if they fight. Why are they not secluded more than if they are no good, and they fight all the time? The "better" prisoners that did the least amount of bad stuff shouldn't be with the worse prisoners anyway.

    The real question is, is why do prisoners get a chance to fight in prison? It's not about having more police in prison, but rather prisoners shouldn't get much "freedom" in prison in order to fight with one another.

    The only way you will get prisoners to never want to do the same thing ever again is if prison is the worst thing possible. I imagine though prisoners just get used to it. If they are fighting, that means they are allowed in other areas than their sleeping quarters which means prison to them becomes like a home instead of a terrible place.

    Chicago (part of Cook County) is just the mess of a mess in regards to crime, and now this stupid BEVERAGE tax is making all of Cook County have to pay for it. Chicago is such a mess, and they have to have so many police in Chicago because it seems all they do is catch and release people. Nothing gets solved because the same murderers get the out of jail free card all the time in Chicago. It still goes on and on and on and on.

    410 shot & 74 dead in July 2017. Can you believe this number? So, the whole county has to pay for this? They even say this happens so much in the south and west. Why aren't they building more police stations in these areas than? You need stiffer penalties for anything. If you have an illegal gun, than you should be put in jail for 10 years! I still cannot understand why anyone has a gun other than a police? People that kill animals shouldn't even have guns because they could accidentally kill a person they don't see. Guns are just so bad. It only takes 1 second for someone to kill someone else. Seriously though, what's your intention if you have an illegal gun (no permit) that's not even one of those bigger types of guns. You are planning to try and kill someone.

    So, I say anyone that has an illegal gun (no permit), deserves 10 years in jail. That is HOW you solve this problem in Chicago. You wouldn't have 74 deaths in July based on guns if you put all those illegal gun owners in jail for 10 years. No getting out early either. Who cares if a person is a felon or not? If your a law-abiding citizen, than you would get a permit for your gun – registered in a database. If you are getting your guns illegally you wouldn't get a permit for your gun, and you probably want to kill people.


    What's sad is that Chicago has so no solution. They should have military police come into Chicago. It's a war zone. They also don't want to stiffen the penalty for illegal guns. Catch and release program in Chicago is doing nothing. I guess Chicago just wants another 75 people dead in August, and another 75 people dad in September. So many lives gone, and Chicago doesn't have a solution. The criminals are back on the street doing what they do best.

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