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Wholesale Drop Shipping

ShopSite has a built-in integration with Doba who provides wholesale drop shipping for retailers. If you have a Doba account (or are using one of their free trials), sign in to that account. Once you’ve signed in, click on catalog, and create your first watch list. You can name your watchlist whatever you’d like. For this test, I’m going to name mine “New Products”. Once you’ve saved your new watchlist, you can click on the products tab which will bring up their entire inventory of products.


Go through the products that you’d like, and find the ones you want to add to your watchlist. In this example, I’m going to go to the Home, Garden, and Living, then click on Home decor, and, last, click on Candles and Holders. I’m going to check the checkbox to add all of the products in this category to my watchlist called, “New Products”. Once you have at least one watchlist set up, return home, grab your Retailer ID, copy it, and then return to your ShopSite store. Once you’ve logged in to your ShopSite store, click on Commerce Setup, Doba, and then click on Doba Wizard.


The only thing you need to enter is your Drop Shipping Retailer ID which you copied from the other screen. Finish the wizard and your account information (including any watchlists you have already created will come up. Click on a watchlist to download and, when downloading, you can change different settings. I’m choosing to have ShopSite automatically create various pages that the products can be added to as well as creating a more information page for every product.

Once my downloading has been done, I will go ahead and click on Finish at the bottom and then go view my pages to see how they look. Under Pages, you’ll see that there’s a few new categories here which were automatically created. Let’s look at the Home decor one and click on Preview. You’ll see all of the products have been added from Doba.


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