Oberlo Substitute – Alidropship


Imagine what if someone ordered a product which was currently out of stock or maybe the supplier price of one of your products significantly increased? And you didn’t even know! You would have to keep track of all these too! Fortunately, some people value our time and develop great software like AliDropship which we use in all of our ecommerce stores on WordPress Platform.

Alidropship Plugin

Here is an incomplete list of what AliDropship Plugin can do for your dropshipping store. Why did AliDropship developers make this plugin? They have, actually, already succeed in dropshipping and realized what difficulties dropshippers could encounter. Then they decided to make software which could smoothen things down for them and other dropshippers around the world as well.

With AliDropship Plugin you can upload an unlimited number of products and reviews, process all the orders in one-click and become a successful store owner without any boundaries and limits. You will get all the updates and new features for free with only one time payment for the plugin. You’ve probably heard about Oberlo with Shopify, but those solutions cost much more, especially if you want to have a big amount of sales.


With AliDropship plugin you will save your time and about $600 comparing to other dropshipping software. This is how it looks from the inside. AliDropship is a plugin for WordPress. It integrates into WordPress admin panel. There are three built-in themes for AliDropship. After installing one of them you get a sample store you adjust to your needs. To import products from AliExpress directly you need to install an AliDropship Google Chrome Extension.

You can search for AliExpress products for your store even from the WordPress admin part. That’s it. You can now add products to your store by clicking on it and then edit anything you want to and even import some reviews. This page looks more trustable now! You will proceed an order after making your first sale in this section of the admin panel. The plugin will fill in all the necessary fields on AliExpress automatically. It’s quite easy to use!


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