How Much Money Is Needed To Start Drop Shipping?


When you’re getting started with your Oberlo dropshipping store, there are certain expenses which you’ll need to pay, like your monthly Shopify subscription, which will cost $29 USD a month.

Designing Store

When you’re designing your store you can use a free theme, but you may want to spend some of your business funds for custom designs, like a one-of-a-kind logo. I’d budget $20-$50 USD for this but honestly, you don’t need any custom designs to make a sale. You might also want to place some test orders before you launch your dropshipping store just so you can review the quality of the items which you’ll be selling, and put yourself in the shoes of your future customers. I’d budget another $30 USD for this, but again, this isn’t essential.

Paid Marketing Campaigns

Now, when you’re getting started with your store, there’s no guarantee that you’ll draw any visitors to your store and if you have no visitors, you won’t be able to make any sales. This is why it’s imperative that you budget some money for paid marketing campaigns when you’re getting started with your store and the question of how much money you’ll need for those paid marketing campaigns is a tough one. Really it all depends on what you’re selling, and who you’re selling to. With paid marketing campaigns, you’re paying for clicks.

So, if you set up Facebook ads, you’ll be paying for visits to your online store. Factor in the fact that the average global conversion rate is 2%, which means that you’ll need to draw an average of 50 visitors to your store before you can make a sale. So it’s tough to give you a definitive figure to how much money that you’ll need for marketing. I’d say a baseline that you’d need to get started would be $150 USD, just so you can test out some campaigns, find the correct audience, and hopefully start to make some sales. We do recommend trying out Facebook ads for your paid marketing campaigns. All in all, you’ll need at least $180USD to get your store up and running, and to draw some visitors to your products.


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