Getting Exponential Growth and The Best Drop Shipping Companies

Exponential Growth

With the dropship business, the key to exponential growth is to spend 10% of your profit on low cost overseas virtual assistants who’ll do the product research for you and they also list your products for you. This 10% of profit being spent on virtual assistants is like KPI or Key Performance Indicator.


Here’s how it works. On average, the KPI for dropship business which is 75 proven products listed is a business should be turning over around $50,000 per month. Obviously to double the turn up of the business from $50K per month to $100K per month, the number of listed proven products needs to be increased from 75 to 150. Bottomline is, always spend 10% of your profit on virtual assistants who will do your product research for you and they also list your products for you.

Higher Revenue

This way, your virtual assistants list more proven products which means every month you have more of them listed which will give you higher revenue each month. There is a revenue increase every month. Your profit increase every month which in turn means the 10% which you pay to your virtual assistants increases every month as well. This is the key to exponential growth.

Drop Shipping Companies – Find Best Drop Shipping Companies

There are plenty of Drop Shipping companies out there for you to choose to get your training from so the one Drop Shipping Companies in particular this will show you how not only to drop ship the right way but also how you can build a incredible amount of residual income in the process.

Right Drop Shipping Company

When it comes to picking the right drop shipping company you have to be sure to look for a program that will allow you to access a variety of wholesalers for you to choose from. DS Domination is one of Drop Shipping Companies when it comes to training you step by step. Drop shipping is definitely made easy when you use the DSD system. Trust me, when I first got starting with all of this drop shipping stuff I was in desperate search of the best drop shipping companies around.


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