Drop Shipping Extension For Magento

Magento Extension


When customer who is a vendor logs into his account, he will see an additional section called the vendor portal. After clicking on the link, he will see the dashboard, which displays his sales and all his other necessary information. When he clicks on add a product, he can select an attribute set and select a product type and then click continue. This will bring him to the product page, where he will enter the information about the product. He can select and upload images for his product, choose the category, and then click save product. The product will then appear on the product list. This product list shows all the products that are associated with this supplier.

The status can be changed by the admin who can approve or disapprove the product. Then the supplier clicks the preview action button, he will see how the product looks. If it’s not approved by the admin, there will be a preview mode notification. When clicking on the more actions button for the product, we can edit the product, changing the data, clone the product, or deactivate the product. In case the product type is configurable, we can click associated product and quickly manage the associated product or manage existing ones. Then click save to apply the changes. When we elect orders, you will see the list of orders, which shows the supplier the products.

We can view the details of this product or immediately ship it. When we go to view, we can see the order details, such as billing and shipping address and ordered items. When we select shipments, we can create shipments for this product. When we click settings, we can choose to send notifications when the product was ordered or approved by the admin. When choosing shipping methods, we can add new methods, or modify existing ones. We can use one for the shipping methods like flat rate, table rate, free shipping and in the future we will be able to use FedEx. When the supplier adds his product to his cart and goes to check out, under shipping methods, he will see the methods displayed, including FedEx, and the flat rate which we have discussed.


Also the customer can choose the standard delivery store. When clicking on reports, the suppliers will also see the different reports under his account. For example, we have the order total details we can filter by period and date, which can be exported to CSV. On the admin panel, we can assign the product, and product details to a supplier and we can also change the status or the product. Under the supplier tab, and managed suppliers, we will see the list of all the suppliers in your store and we can edit them. For example, we could change the group or a customer or supplier to determine if he is a supplier or a supplier pro. Also, when we edit the supplier, we can change the shipping costs so the supplier can make his own changes. He can view the sold products as well as the allowed categories.


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