Clothing Size Chart For Asian Sizes To US/European


It’s extremely important that you’re up-front on your website about how the Asian sizes convert to US sizes or the sizing that’s local to whatever market you’re selling in. in order to minimize size-related returns. So how can you get this information?

Talk To Supplier

You can talk to your supplier. Each supplier you work with may have different size charts. Some products may have a tight fit while others have a looser fit. If you want to speed up the process, you can ask them for their Asian to American size chart and add that image to those suppliers’ products on your website if you sell exclusively to the United States. If for some reason a supplier doesn’t respond or is unable to provide you with a size chart, you’ll need to stick to a standard Asian to US size chart. Unfortunately, this size chart may not be completely accurate, but it’s a start.

Own Size Chart

Use supplier’s measurements to create your own size chart. Here’s the tricky thing about numbers, they’re hard to visualize. So while some suppliers will give you the product measurements without a size chart and Other suppliers will offer a size chart with their definitions of each size Unless you’re a tailor or seamstress who sees what these measurements look like regularly, it can be difficult to translate those measurements to standard US “Small” “Medium” and “Large” sizes for your own brand. While it does mean a bit more work and investment for you, it’s a smart idea to order at least one size of each of the products you’re selling, and style them on an adjustable male or female form that is set to the different measurements the supplier has provided.

That way, you’ll know for certain that your supplier’s definition of sizes translate to your own, an XL is your Large, for example, and you’ll have a basic understanding of how the clothing might look on a customer, which can save you a lot on customer service, returns, and exchanges in the future also just because you have these sizes on-hand, doesn’t mean you can’t sell them. In fact, depending on how far along your fashion business is, it may be worth using these pieces for your own photo shoots.

Clear Size Charts

Make your size charts clear for each audience you service. This is more a pretty general rule of thumb for any fashion ecommerce website, but make the size information easily accessible on the page for your visitor. A significant portion of consumers end up returning clothing because it is often the wrong size, and an even larger portion of ecommerce sites don’t make their size guide incredibly visible.


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