Choosing Supplier and Drop Shipping Service

Drop Shipping Supplier

#Number 1: Do a basic background check, visit their site and see if they have a partners or distributors page. If they do, contact some of the partners and get a feeling of how it is to work with this supplier.

#Number 2: many suppliers will have their own sales channel, whether it’s on eBay, Amazon or their own site, go through the feedbacks and see if you find any worrying signals, if a lot of customers complain about shipping time then you should address and solve that prior to start working with the supplier.

#Number 3: Just make a sample order preferably from one of their sales channels so that you will go through the genuine customer experience that your future customers will go through. That’s a great way to see how much time it takes for him to dispatch, what is the shipping time, does he provide a tracking number, how is the item packaged, are there any marketing materials inside, is he using good quality packaging and so on.

I know that at the beginning you’re trying to save every penny but don’t be cheap when it comes to choosing your supplier, it’s critical to your business. At the early days I spent most of my time on finding the right suppliers and it proved to be critical later.

Excellent Drop Shipping Service

Drop Shipping for your business may sound complicated, but it’s actually really easy to manage. It saves you the hassle of time-consuming logistics such as product stock management, shipping or even handling. We know that having a reliable and attentive supplier is the most important part of a drop shipping business.

Competitive Product Prices

Apart from offering you super competitive product prices, we at Cellz assign to you a dedicated account manager who is there for whatever you need, and who will ensure your order deliveries are carried out promptly and effectively. This means you have one less thing to worry about and can focus on what really matters; increasing sales for your business.


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