All About Oberlo Working

Oberlo Working

You’ve probably come to think of setting up an ecommerce shop as being a tedious and time consuming task. Before developing the Oberlo app, we certainly did too. With our help we assure you that importing products to your store has never been so quick and easy. You can even use our in-app product search to import items to your shop directly from the Oberlo Supply marketplace.

Product Stock Levels

You can also use Oberlo’s Chrome Extension to import products while browsing through the AliExpress catalog – all with just one click. The app can keep track of product stock levels, too. This way, you don’t continue selling items once they are out of stock. Oberlo also ensures that you’re completely in control of your profits. With the app, you can multiply your preferred markup rate by the original AliExpress price or determine a fixed markup and apply it to all products at once. Use the advanced pricing rules to set your product margins based on a designated price range, adjust prices in cents, and check price comparisons.

Price Fluctuations

Since we keep an eye out for any price changes made by your supplier, you don’t have to worry about price fluctuations, either. Once a customer orders a product from your shop that you imported using Oberlo, you can request those items from AliExpress. We’ve also made this process effortless by removing as much of the manual work as possible. When a supplier notifies you that the order has shipped, Oberlo will carefully examine both your AliExpress and your Oberlo Supply orders, automatically generating any available tracking information. When Oberlo receives a new tracking code, the app will automatically fulfill the order in your shop, and a notification email will be sent to your customer and that’s everything you need to know about how the Oberlo App works!


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